International Tiger Day 2016


Last Friday was International Tiger Day.

And though it didn’t seem there was a great deal of television media coverage of International Tiger Day there were some good articles written about it. 

Here are links to 10 articles published for International Tiger Day (or Global Tiger Day or World Tiger Day or whatever you would choose to call it).

These article provide a great deal of information about the plight of endangered tigers and the efforts to save them ranging from the call for “zero poaching” in the EIA article to the publication of a cute book called “I’m a Little Tiger” which can be found in the Humane Society link.

1) EIA International:

2) WWF:

3) WWF India:

4) WWF Cambodia:

5) United Nations:

6) The Indian Express:

7) Humane Society International:

8) Mongabay:

9) Indy100:–xkl1xSMfMl

10) Greenpeace:

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